The Holidays are upon you!

Halloween is almost here, which means Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner, but don’t stress it!  Believe it or not, it’s possible to actually ENJOY the holidays! Set yourself up for success with these 5 tips to help you get organized, plan ahead, and remember that the holidays are all about the people you spend them with.

  1. Stock-Up in Advance – If you know you’ll be having lots of holiday guests, start stocking up on pantry essentials now. Pick up organic baking supplies, snacks, and wine in the next few weeks. You might even score a sale by shopping early!
  2. Make a List – Check it Twice – Shopping from a list can take the stress out of the holidays on so many levels. Make a simple list on your smartphone with the names of everyone you’ll be shopping for, and include a budget. When you are shopping, consult the list to ensure that you aren’t overspending, and then mark the person’s gift as “done” once you make the purchase.
  3. Most importantly – buy custom engraved Christmas gifts from us! 🙂  – We have a handful of “stock” items that are really great, or you can let your imagination run, and let us handle the engraving services. Personalized gifts are much more meaningful and memorable.
  4. Mail Early –  If you have friends and family who live out of town, make sure you ship everything out ahead.
  5. You Don’t Have to do Everything – This tip is key to a happy holiday season. It is OK to say no. No one has time to do it all!. Rather than baking cookies for the school holiday party, offer to pick up party supplies that you can drop off with your child.

IIn the end, it truly is the thought that counts. Your friends and family will appreciate every and any effort to make the holidays special, so have fun, relax, and enjoy the time with the ones you love!